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Reduction of set up time and tooling cost, stable and high speed output

assure the possibility of success business. ZX-250 is one of the unique

solutions tailored to the demands of wire forming industry. Based on the

extraordinary structure of machine design allows highly complex bending

procedures can be carried out.


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Meterial Range mm Wire X0.5 - 2.5 / Strip T0.15 x 12
Max. O.D. mm 100
Max. Bending Return Length mm 85
Power Supply & Dimension
Power Supply   220V (*380V) 3P 50 / 60Hz 5.0Kva
Machine Dimension (L x W x H) mm 2190 x 1760 x 2040
Weight Kg 1700
Standard   9 axes (*Max .16axes)
x Table x 2 Y Table x 2
Max. Travel 300 mm Max. Travel 110 mm
Min. Increment 0.01 mm Min. Increment 0.01 mm
Max. Rated Speed 2500 RPM Max. Rated Speed 2500 RPM
Motor Output 2.0 KW Motor Output 2.0 KW
Feed x 1 Rotary Wire x 1
Min. Increment 0.01 mm Min. Increment 0.1X
Max. Increment 99999.99 mm Max. Rotating Angle Wire: 360X / Strip: 90X
Max. Feed Speed 140m / min Max. Rated Speed 120 RPM
Max. Rated Speed 750 RPM Motor Output 4.5 KW
Motor Output 3.0 KW    
Rotary Quill x 1 Spinner x 2
Min. Increment 0.1X Min. Increment 0.1X
Max. Increment 9999X Max. Increment 9999X
Max. Rated Speed 250 RPM Max. Rated Speed 300 RPM
Motor Output 400 W Motor Output 400 W
* Option      

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